This is where you come to get a bit of background information and to see if I’m legit or not. Good idea, I’d be doing the same thing if I were you.

I don’t have a shredded bodybuilder physic, nor am I skin and bones. I’m 6 foot 3, and weight about 195 lbs. I’d classify myself as being muscular, toned, yet above average when comparing myself to a typical dude. Definitely know my way around a gym. I’ve been avidly working out for many years now with some breaks here and there, which is OK, because I’m a human being just like you.

I do thoroughly enjoy going to the gym. In all honestly, I get excited to go workout and help better my body. I get additional energy, increased confidence, and just all around feel better during my everyday life if I am in the groove and hitting the gym regularly.

One thing is for sure, when I do hit the gym, I love taking a pre workout supplement to maximize my workout.


In university, I studied biological sciences as well as exercise and wellness. I have 8+ years of firsthand EXPERIENCE in the gym and with different products that boost a workout. I’ve researched countless articles, read multiple books, and learned from many other experts in the field.

Research and Studying

I’ve recommended different pre workouts for my wife, friends, or random gym-goers, all of which have different experience levels with working out.

When I first started working out, I was about 16 years old. I was a tall, skinny kid who wanted to gain some muscle mass. Throughout my life, I was always active and into sports. The activities I was involved in were basketball, karate, swimming, riding my bike, and just plain old running around and being lively outside. All this physical activity, along with a fast metabolism, kept me in this slim form for as long as I could remember.

The Change

It all happened after a nice day at the lake with some friends. A picture was taken of all of us, and Weak Man Big Dreamsafter viewing this photo, I was clearly the skinniest out of the bunch. Now this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it was one of those memories that stuck with me, even to this day. I knew at that point that I wanted to make THE CHANGE in regards to my physic.

So I started out by going to this local community center gym on my own. I watched some videos about recommended workouts for beginners, and I trudged along through my first workout. At the end of the workout, I had done multiple different forms of bicep curls, an aided machine chest press, as well as a couple leg exercises. Pretty basic stuff, and probably the first few exercises that come to mind if it is your first time working out at a gym too.

The Real Change

Things were going along well and I was progressing just fine. Noticed a bit of muscle gain. I was starting to tone out a bit and I was also eating healthier, which helped a lot. My concern was that it felt like something was missing and I wasn’t getting everything out of a workout that I should be. THE REAL CHANGE occurred when I found out about pre workout supplements.

Truthfully I was a tad bit skeptical at first. I honestly thought they were a form of steroids and did not want to introduce my body to a type of drug. After doing some research, and talking with other friends within the field, I decided to try my first pre workout…and I instantly loved it.

Strong Guy Squatting

They gave me this added energy that I didn’t know existed within me. The pre workout caused me to
be able to workout for longer, and to push myself in order to get the most out of each set in my
routine. I felt unstoppable in the gym. Like I was able to go for longer, and capable of getting the most out of each and every workout.


I still use pre workouts to this day, but things have drastically changed and so has the reasoning as to why I take them before my workout. I’m no longer a student. Instead, I work full time, got married, and help with raising our children. You know, normal adult responsibilities. But all these new responsibilities lead to long and tiring days in which I would really rather not go to the gym.

NOWADAYS, I require that extra surge of energy that a pre workout provides me in order to get off the couch and get to the gym. Sure, if I don’t take a pre workout then I can still go to the gym, but am I going to give less than 100%, feel tired, and just want to go home during the entire workout? Oh absolutely.

Lazy On Couch

I typically take a pre workout until I finish the container, then I coast for a bit without anything. I go along like this until I hit a point where workouts become stagnant. It is at this time that I find a new pre workout in order to try to elevate my workout to the next level so I can get in that extra pump 😉 (see what I did there).

My Goal

I want to help people because it’s no fun feeling like you are working out and not getting the proper results you are looking for. I dealt with this for about a year or so, and I still wish to this day that I had known about pre workouts from the beginning.

If you are stuck in a workout rut or not feeling like you are giving it your all, don’t worry my friend, you are not alone.

If you are just starting out and wanting to get the most results right off the bat, then MY GOAL is to be of some assistance to you with these pre workout reviews/recommendations. Plus, I don’t want you wasting your time at the gym with a mediocre workout while still having to pay for a gym membership.

Final Thoughts

So, my FINAL THOUGHTS are that no matter what your situation may be, whether that’s a beginner, expert, male, female, in college, working, or a parent, I would definitely recommend a pre workout to ensure you get the most out of each workout.

This site is meant to provide you with information and firsthand experience (plus my opinions on products) utilizing the many supplements I have personally tried out for myself and reviewed.

It’s true that if you do have any preexisting medical conditions, it may be best to consult a doctor to double check if it is OK to be taking a pre workout.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. You can either leave a comment or email me any questions or concerns you may have.


All the best,